• Accidental Renaissance

    Suddenly, a flash of light…

    One of my favorite things on the Internet is a subreddit called Accidental Renaissance. There, one can find all sorts of photo imagery depicting scenes you would find on a Renaissance or Baroque painting. The aesthetics are quite astonishing including matching colors and composition. Which got me thinking: What if I could recreate these images in the style of a classical painter?

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  • The Exford English Dictionary

    Where the bloody hell is Bielefeld?!

    With Brexit looming over the fate of the EU, I thought: let’s get topical. Nah, not really. But the analysis, I lay before you today, is somewhat related to the UK.

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  • Drinking game - Visualizing recommendations for drinks

    Being spoilt for choice

    Imagine standing here, at the counter of a refreshment kiosk, looking up at the blackboard with the menu and blowing air through your lips making a sound of desperation. The list of ‘hip’ drinks does not sound like anything to you. The names of the drinks look like hipsters had their cats run over typewriters (Not keyboards! That would be too mainstream). And you just wanted a drink.

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  • Hands down! - A Tale of Typing

    Programming Languages are [Syntax Error]

    Have you ever wondered if there are programming languages which are preferable for left- or right-handers? Or what the general distribution of keystrokes is while you are programming? No? Well, tough luck because this is what we are going to have a look at today.

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  • Where do you go to my lovely...

    … when you are alone in your Slack?

    Ever wondered what your colleagues are up to when they are not posting cat videos in #random in your workplace’s Slack? Are they on holidays? Or does their new relationship or project consume most of their time? Find out if and why! Here, in Lucas’ fun-packed world of Slack analysis!

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  • Public transport from the bird's-eye view. Part II

    Play it again, Sam!

    After the ‘tremendous’ feedback, I have got for my previous blog posts about the public transport in Dresden, I have decided to jump on the next Niederflurwagen (one heck of a word for Scrabble) and look at some more interesting bits and pieces. This time, connectivity and changeovers shall be the center of our analysis.

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  • Public transport from the bird's-eye view

    Gimme, gimme, gimme a bus after midnight

    It is 1:00am. I am waiting at the bus stop for, you guessed it, the bus. The public transport in Dresden is so good (some would say excellent) that you can catch a bus even after midnight without any problems. Standing there, staring in the black night sky, I get the feeling that some areas with less population have fewer stops than others which sometimes results in longer-than-expected walks to the next stop. But why are there such areas and how can you find them? To answer those questions, let’s have look at what started out to be a daydream at night and take a look at some aspects of public transport from high above.

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  • Predicting office hours with light sensor data

    Lights on, lights off

    For the last two years, our office has been utilising a light sensor for tracking opening hours. The sensor just checks the current luminosity in the office and says whether it is open or not.

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  • The Girl with the Brick Earring


    Who didn’t play with LEGO in his/her childhood? The Danish toy company just overtook Mattel as the number one toy maker in the world.

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  • Predicting jump scares with signal analysis

    Grown men screaming like little girls

    I always hated playing scary video games, which made me avoid them completely over the last years. Especially the jump scares are nothing to be made fun of. Until now!

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  • Cast-based panel show recommendations

    Putting an addiction to good use

    People who know me can tell you about my addictive behaviour when it comes to watching British panel shows. I can go on and on about those. Whether it is the content, cast or production process, I can talk about this for ages.

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  • Winkelbasierte Umsteigeempfehlungen

    Oder wie ich lernte, Umsteigen zu lieben.

    Ich mag Umsteigeverbindungen. Sie erfordern das richtige Maß an sportlichem Elan und exaktem Timing. Kommt es doch (in Dresden) ab und an vor, dass man der Anschlussverbindung nur königlich hinterherwinken darf. Dann heißt es zehn Minuten auf die nächste Bahn warten.

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